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Home Note Discovery Session
Home Note Discovery Session
Home Note Discovery Session
Home Note Discovery Session
Product image 1Home Note Discovery Session
Product image 2Home Note Discovery Session
Product image 3Home Note Discovery Session
Product image 4Home Note Discovery Session

Home Note Discovery Session

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60 minute Zoom Call to Discover Your Home Note

In the world of vibrational therapy, or "Sound Healing" your home note is the note where you can find the most rest, relaxation, peace, groundedness, and centeredness.  It is a sonic environment where you can effortlessly drop in, relax your nervous system, and improve the effects of brainwave entrainment and sound healing.  

Knowing your "Home Note" is sort of like knowing your "sonic blood type", or like knowing which kinds of foods make you feel good or bad.  Once you know, you can greatly benefit from this knowledge.

Benefits Include:

-Choose your Manastone Drum scale based on your home note.  

-Once you know your note, you can find binaural beats tuned to you.  Any binaural beat off the shelf isn't going to be as effective as one that's tuned to your home note.

-Access desired brainwave states with binaural beats tuned to your home note.  Put yourself to sleep with Delta waves or find inspiration with Theta waves.

-Calm your nervous system by singing or listening to your home note.  In sound healing, getting the nervous system to relax is the name of the game.

-Play an instrument in the key of your home note, sing along, explore the space, and get to know yourself through sound on a whole different level.  

Work with a Certified Sound Healing Professional

Hi, I'm Nicholas and I recently completed my Sound Healing Certification from the Globe Institute of Sound Healing in San Fransisco!   I have been trained in many different skills related to vibrational therapy, and of all of them, working with the home note has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial practices for myself and others.  I am eager to guide you through the process of discovering your home note, as well as give you some tips on how to work with it from a Sound Healing perspective.

Fortunately, my background in music production enables me the ability to not just find your home note, but also to design custom binaural beats to put you in that "happy place".  


Nicholas Penn

p.s. - Think you can guess what your home note would be?  Odds are it's not what you might imagine.  My home note and my partners home note both turned out to be Bb.  And it turns out I had an affinity for a Bb Major Pentatonic Manastone long before I discovered my home note.  Now I understand why I love that drum so much.

What is the Process?

I like to compare the home note discovery process to a wine tasting, but relaxing in a different way.  We use special designed binaural diagnostic tones created by David Gibson, one of my teachers and a leading medical sound healing researcher, pioneer, and founder of the Globe Sound Healing Institute. 

Essentially, in the process we go through all 12 of notes that make up the musical scale, and by process of elimination figuring out which one is your home note. 

We will be on a zoom call and you will need headphones and a quiet place where you can focus.  You would sit with your eyes closed, and as we play through the different tones, take notice of how the different tones effect you.  There will be certain tones that make you feel extremely relaxed, others might feel more blissful, and others might be annoying.  It's different for each person, but what we are trying to do is find the place of deepest relaxation and groundedness, not bliss.  Bliss is good, but slightly different.

One of the fascinating things about home note sessions is that when I pay 100% attention to you as your listening to the tones, and I can actually tell when you're really resonating with a note because your breathing will change, your body will shift into a more relaxed state, your eyes will move differently under the lids, and most of all, I can feel whether or not you are in tune with the note and it feels the same as when I'm tuning a guitar and the strings our out of tune or in tune.  Fascinating stuff!  

Brainwave States and Brainwave Entrainment

It's well studied and documented that rhythms can and DO entrain the brain to different brainwave states.  It's the consistency and speed of the rhythm that entrains the brain.  Essentially, it's a tempo, and our brains have different tempos for different functions and different times of day.  We have a prime brainwave state for sleeping, just like we do for learning, accessing creativity, problem solving, etc.  Many physical, mental, and emotional problems can be alleviated simply through brainwave entrainment.  The problem for modern humans is that our minds are literally "scattered" and this "lack of brain coherence" overtime can create much disharmony within the body, mind, and energy field of an individual. 

Want to tune your life into a sweeter melody?  Try tuning your mind to a more cohesive harmonious state and see what happens.  

Put It To Use with Custom Binaural Beats

Gamma - 20 hz - 100 hz (not available as binaural beats, try meditation!) 

High states of meditation, slows down the perception of time.  They studied Dalai Lama meditators and their brains are going really fast.  When you go to gamma you see everything in slow motion because your brain is working so much faster.  So the world becomes very still.  A professional drummer around 70-80 cycles per second, he sees everything in slow motion.  Crickets and house flies have really fast brains.  Not only did the Dalai Lama meditators went into gamma but also Epsilon at the same time, which is slower than Delta.  Their brains go both fast and slow in meditation.

Beta - 13 hz - 20 hz - Thinking and processing + overcoming ADHD.  In ADHD the brain isn’t going fast enough so they give it "speed".  Beta waves are a great solution for ADHD.

Alpha - 7 - 13 hz - Learning, Sports, Creative Problem Solving, Relaxed Attention, Awareness, Alertness, Relaxed Presence

Theta - 3.5 - 7 hz - Dream States, Creative Downloads, "In the Zone", Oneness & Unity

Delta - 0.5 - 3.5 hz  - Deep Sleep, Deep Meditation, Regeneration.  Used for Insomnia. 

About Your Guide

Nicholas is a lifelong musician, composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer.  After a decade of working as a gigging musician while also working in the health and wellness industry, Nicholas realized that his affinity with music was always about healing at its core, even from the beginning as a teenager.  While he is still currently in the 6-month certification program, Nicholas brings with him a wealth of experience working with sound and wellness.  Nicholas is also one of the co-owners of Manastone steel tongue drums, and really enjoys helping people learn to express themselves musically through the steel tongue drum. 


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2 Reviews
Reviewed by Gary S.
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A Very Unique and Worthwhile Experience!

I had always wondered why some songs and ambient sounds moved me emotionally more so than others. As a songwriter and therapist with an interest in sound healing, I was inclined to try this as a means of expanding creativity and personal exploration. After the discovery session, I experienced more than just a creativity boost but a deeper connection with sound itself. I use my home note as a great starting place for my deeper meditation practices and find it a great source for motivation and energy to complete tasks throughout the day.

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Reviewed by Remy O.
Verified Reviewer
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Review posted

Personalized & Powerful

This process was so much fun and Nicholas is very skilled at guiding. I was pretty skeptical that I would be able to tell a big difference between notes or that I'd gravitate to one note much more than others, but it is very, very clear when you hear your note. The note played is in a soundscape of other, complimentary sounds. Now that I have my home note and a soundscape to listen to in key with my homenote, I hum with it daily and it's now my favorite grounding technique. It's also a great way to prepare for a pranayama or meditation practice. I also leave it on loop and practice yoga to it, or do other things mindfully around the house and at work.

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