Steel Tongue Drum Lessons

Steel Tongue Drum Lessons

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Want more guidance on the Manastone?

Whats Included

- Live video lessons with Nicholas, co-owner of Manastone

- Learn an intuitive approach based on creative play

- Receive Pro reflection on your playing style with helpful tips for going deeper

- Improve your technique with subtle changes

- Tips on composing on a Manastone steel tongue drum 

- Tips on recording and producing steel tongue drum music

- Best suited for beginners, players with medium experience, or eager learners 

+ More

A Note from Nicholas

Hey there!  I'm happy to work with you one on one to help you get more comfortable with your Manastone.  I expect that it will only take a lesson or two to answer your questions and set you on the right path for becoming a more confident player.  I want you to get the most out of your Manastone, so we will be sure to work towards your personal goals that you've set for yourself.  

Thanks for joining the Manastone family,

Nicholas Penn

P.S. Each Manastone purchase comes with Free Bonus Video Lessons to help you get started.  I'd recommend viewing the video lessons before doing 1-1 lessons.  


Once you've purchases a lesson you will receive an email from Nicholas to schedule the lesson.  If you do not yet downloaded Zoom you can do so here.  

Available Lesson Times

Monday - Friday

12 pm - 1 pm MT       (2 pm - 3 pm EST / 11 am - 12 pm PT)

5 pm - 7 pm MT        (7 pm - 9 pm EST / 4 pm - 6 pm PT)

*Able to work around your schedule on a case by case basis.

*Weekends are currently unavailable.

Lesson Testimonial

"I found my lesson with Nicholas very helpful.  We talked about how to position the hands on the drum to make it easier to reach all the notes.  We also discussed the amount of force to use in striking the tongues for the best result and how hitting adjacent tongues can create beautiful chords.  I highly recommend getting together with Nicholas for your own personal lesson. I love my Manastone drum and can't stop playing it" - Peter B.


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