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Benefits of the Tongue Drum

The steel tongue drum is incredible because you can intuitively play it and create beautiful music without any prior experience or training.  With each drum tuned to be in perfect harmony with itself, you can hit any note and create magic.  This means you spend less time thinking and can easily get lost in the flow of playing music.

The steel tongue drum has a naturally peaceful and calming effect that you begin to feel as you play it.  It's perfect for relaxing at the end of the day with some self-soothing fun, or for serenading a friend who needs some tender loving vibes. 

We have personally witnessed the calming effects of the Manastones on fussy babies and rambunctious children.  We will definitely be making a Manastone lullaby album at some point.  


We see a future where all people feel empowered and inspired to create music and experience the joy of creative play.  We see a future where individuals cultivate personal peace, calm, and self-love through music, and share those beautiful vibes with the world.   The tongue drum is the perfect instrument of peace, and we are happy to make them for a world in need of more harmony.

By continuing to develop new and innovative products as well as creative approaches to better serve customers’  individual needs, the products and services offered by Manastone are sure to remain unmatched in quality and value. 

How It's Made

Custom Made shells and designs are cut to different sizes depending on model, MIG welded (not glued), then the weld is ground down and the drum is shaped. Only handheld tools are used.

The notes are laid out to the correct pattern and cut with precision and proprietary technology. After an initial pre-tuning, the drum is Tone Tempered™ to the perfect hardness to enhance tone, volume, sustain and tuning stability.

We powder-coat our drums with an ultra hard, epoxy based textured finish that is weatherproof and very durable. A final tuning and optional dampening pads are the last steps before the drum is played to ensure quality.

We make some of the finest, fully custom tongue drums available today and they will last a lifetime if cared for.

How It's Played

Best played with your hands or hit softly with the small mallets available.  

We like to set the drum in our lap with the largest tongue closest and play a right, left pattern to move up the scale. Try different techniques like hitting the tongues with the sides of your thumbs and flat parts of your fingers.

Rest strokes work nicely (where your finger bounces off but your hand rests on the drum) as well as muting different parts of the drum. You can rest one hand on the drum, then play a note with the other hand. Quickly lift both hands to let the note sustain. There is no one “right” way to play it, but with a little practice and playing around, you can get some great tones.

Have questions? contact us – we’re here to help and want our customers to be happy. Please submit your own recordings so we can share.

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