How a Steel Tongue Drum is Made


Down to Earth & made with love in a small mountain workshop

Custom Made shells and designs are cut to different sizes depending on model, MIG welded (not glued), then the weld is ground down and the drum is shaped. Only handheld tools are used.

The notes are laid out to the correct pattern and cut with precision and proprietary technology. After an initial pre-tuning, the drum is Tone Tempered™ to the perfect hardness to enhance tone, volume, sustain and tuning stability.

We powder-coat our drums with an ultra hard, epoxy based textured finish that is weatherproof and very durable. A final tuning and optional dampening pads are the last steps before the drum is played to ensure quality.

We make some of the finest, fully custom tongue drums available today and they will last a lifetime if cared for.


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