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Q:  What Are dampers?

Dampers reduce shell noise while playing, which helps the tone sound more clear and less muddled, especially when playing fast and loud.  They are little acoustic rubber pads that can be adhered to the underside of each tongue on the tongue drum in order to dampen the excess vibrations.  Without the dampers, each tongue will produce a little extra hum even when that note isn't being played.  

While most people do prefer the sound of dampers, the drums still sounds great without them.  If you choose to leave the dampers off, you're drum will be louder, notes will ring longer, and it will have extra ambient resonance.  

Q:  What is the difference between 440hz and 432hz tuning?

440 hz tuning is the international standard tuning used in commercial music and instrument tuning.  Having an international standard means that we can share music globally, and our ears will recognize it as "sounding good".  If all the countries in the world were on a different tuning frequency, the music we share globally might sound very different, if not completely bizarre to the average ear.  

432 hz is said to be the frequency at which planet Earth resonates.  An instrument tuned to 432 would then be in harmony with the earth and producing the same energetic frequencies, which is thought to effect the human psyche in positive and healing ways.  It is for this reason that 432 hz is often used by sound healers to stimulate energy moving through the body and break up energetic blockages.  

432 hz sounds only slightly difference than 440 hz, but for the most part you wouldn't be able to hear a difference unless you listened to them side by side.  You may feel a difference though, especially if you are more intuitive.

Q: How long before I receive my tongue drum?

We want to get your new drum to you as soon as possible.  We do make all of our custom steel tongue drums to order, so this really depends on how many new drum orders have come in. 

We can usually ship your drum to you within 10 days of placing your order if you live in the continental US.  Delivery time may vary for international orders, in which case we will get it to you as fast as possible.  


Q: Do all drums come with mallets?

Yes, rubber mallets are included with every drum.  The drums make the purest tone when the mallet hits the surface and bounces off immediately.  We use rubber to ensure you can get the bounce and the best tone possible :).


Q:  Do you have any recommendations of what scale to choose for a beginner or non musician?

All of the scales are diatonic which means that there are no wrong notes! You can hit them in any order and you will sound great. That being said, each scale is really a different vibe and mood to choose from.  Some drums feel bright, happy, and energetic, and some drums feel more calm, introspective, and meditative.  Some drums lend themselves to different styles of playing, like jazz, pop, latin, and classical, or for meditation.

Here are some of our favorites based on resonance and a good range of notes.

F Peace, F Big Bear, Kurd 10, Aeolian 10, Spanish Gypsy, E Ake Bono,

Super Pygmy, F Mixoctonic, E Mixotonic, Eb Melog.

All of the drums are awesome and theres no wrong choices.  Just choose one that resonates most with you. 

Heres are links to some articles more in depth articles & description of a few of the different more obscure scales.  

E akebono

A japanese pentatonic, erie, meditative, complex, deep, dark.


 Eb Hijaz

Crunchy middle eastern sounding. Two half steps.



More FAQ's coming soon!


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