"Hello Noah, just got the drum today!  Amazing, just amazing.  I love it at the very first touch.  Really well made and good tune.  I'll recommend for sure to all my musician community in Quebec City and everywhere I go play music in this beautiful world!"

-Steve, Quebec City


"My Sun and Moon arrived, it was here when I got home from India.  I love it!  It's just as I imagined, only even more fun to play than I thought.  Can't put it down.  I find the Hijaz side quite tricky, though, much more complex to get it to sound good, so that's good room for growth musically - love it.  The Mixo side is delightful and easily accessible to anyone for improvising.  

The best compliment I can send you is that I have just ordered one for my friend Barbara here in Los Angeles.  Barbara suffered a debilitating stroke over a year ago and is in the process of recovering her strength and physical and mental capabilities (at age was 65).  She has been playing my drum and really getting into it and it is wonderful therapy for her.  So she's getting a single-sided one in the same scale, F Mixo, and has asked for copper and black.  

I did lots of research on the internet and I really think your drums are the all-around best.  Congratulations!"

-Irene, Los Angeles



"Just wanted to send a quick thank you.  I received my drum this past Saturday.  Unfortunately I didn't have much time that day to play it.  Sunday I sat down and played it for 6 hours.  Yes, 6 hours.  Thanks for making such a beautiful instrument with care and passion.  It truly shows in the product you develop.  

You will be hearing from me in the future for another drum.

-Mike, Chicago


"I just wanted to thank you for sending me such an amazing drum, it's so resonant, perfectly tuned, and incredibly loud if you want it to be.  It's perfect for busking.  The body design is phenomenal and you've produced a very beautiful thing indeed here, in sound and style.  You were also amazing at keeping me informed at the various stages and I really can't thank you enough for packing it so well.  It arrived in perfect condition, despite the reputation of the UK postal service.  

The F Peace scale is a dream to jam with and I look forward to buying more from you later on down the line.  I'll be making a youtube video with this drum shortly, which you are of course free to use on your site along with this message if you'd like to include it in your testimonials.  

Really can't thank you enough man, the videos don't do the sound justice on these drums.  

Thanks again and all the best,

Oli, United Kingdom


"Noah, I want to extend my gratitude for allowing me to experience this amazing creation.  The conversations I've had since receiving the big bear have been enlightening.  I'm fortunate to have a gelato stand on the beach at a once abandoned quartz mine in Ohio.  It filled with water overnight back in the 40's.  It since has been turned into a concert venue with mainly Grateful Dead style genre's.  It's a very special place that we love sharing.  I meet on average 500 - 1,000 people every weekend during the summer.  We also skin, rope, and sell Djembe, handmade Didgeridoo, and kalimba.  The Big Bear has opened up an entirely new avenue in music for us hear at the Quarry... I was asked to play for yoga classes, workshops, and meditation clinics throughout the weekend.  I even played main stage in the morning for about a half hour while the musicians tuned up for what has become known as Hippie Church (non-religious).Being a hand drummer myself I've never experienced such a wide diverse group of people gravitating towards one single instrument.  

More importantly the change that I'm noticing in my personal vibration is astounding.  I've been practicing and researching Hertz and it's effects on our species for some time now, but to actually see and feel the change is blowing my mind.  

We only carry handmade instruments and we make our own Didgeridoo called the "walk about" which is a 3 foot didge condensed to 18 inches by a 6 inch hand-held unit.  Qaulity is so important to us.  You have done an amazing job. 

I played a Hapi drum again over the weekend and the Big Bear just has a much more cosmic resonance that makes people close their eyes where they are standing and absorb the vibrations.  Those who play it get lost in the zone also.  Many thanks again for my wonderful weekend that the Bear has allowed me to experience.  

Peace, health, and grooves...

-Todd, Ohio

*You can find more customer reviews on our home page or product pages.  


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