Want Personalized Recommendations?

If you want direct guidance on selecting the best drum for you, please feel free to text Nicholas directly and either hop on a call or set up a time to chat.  Just text your name and that you are interested in Manastone, and Nicholas will respond as soon as possible.  

Text Nicholas (502) 542-0698

Please note that if he is not available, he will get back to you shortly.  

Manastone steel tongue drum youtube video Bb Minor Pentatonic

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Bonus Lessons with each Purchase

Each Manastone purchase includes TWO HOURS of free video lessons!  

Each purchase of a Manastone steel tongue drum now comes with two hours of pre-recorded video lessons to help you learn all the basics from drum care to basic technique. Join co-owner Nicholas to become informed, inspired, and tap into your creative potential. This 10-video series covers the following subjects:

  1. Introduction Video 
  2. Lesson 1 - Drum Care
  3. Lesson 2 - How to Hold the Drum for Most Resonance
  4. Lesson 3 - Holding Mallets & Walking Up the Scale
  5. Lesson 4 - Playing with your Hands 101
  6. Lesson 5 - Finding Chords and Patterns
  7. Lesson 6 - Establishing Core Rhythms
  8. Lesson 7 - Main Differences Between Playing with Mallets vs. Hands
  9. Lesson 8 - Special Techniques
  10. Lesson 9 - Conclusion & Bonus Tips for Playing Music for Meditation & Yoga 
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