Want a Custom Steel Tongue Drum?

 We can pretty much craft & tune any steel tongue drum to the scale you desire.  If you have something special in mind that you don't see already listed in our products, please email us at Orders@manastonedrums.com, and we'll be happy to customize a drum for you.  

You may notice we don't list many of the common major pentatonic scales like, C major, D major, G major... in our products.  We enjoy showcasing more eclectic scales from various cultures around the world, but we are also happy to make drums with scales that fit with more popular music and standard tunings. 

Custom artwork is also an option if you'd like your drum to have a unique visual flare.  We love the minimal approach of our Manastone collection, but we also love to see them personalized with your own visual flare.  Email us at orders@manastonedrums.com and we'll see what kind of alternative designs we can cook up for you.  

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