Manastone Community


Empowering people to share their Manastone vibes. 

The Manastone Community facebook group is for steel tongue drum lovers of all kinds, and especially those who own a Manastone Steel Tongue Drum! We created this group to foster a culture of creative play amongst Manastone owner. It is a safe space for our community to share photos, videos, and stories about their drums, what they love about the drums, etc. You may feel inspired to do a live stream of your new drum, or maybe you feel inspired to share a technique that you learned. Let's foster a culture of creative play and musical exploration, where everyone is empowered to create beautiful music!


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Everybody plays the Manastone differently because we each have our own unique style, rhythm, and musical preferences.  

YOU are going to have your own style, and that's exactly what WE want to see in our online facebook community :)

We want to share a message that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways, and that whatever self-expression comes through you and out of the drum will also be beautiful. 

-Much love, Noah & Nicholas

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