Pre-Order Sale for 2022: Manastone Steel Tongue Drums

Thank you for your interest in Manastone, and apologies if you were shopping for a Christmas gift!  You can still pre-order a drum for 2022, but there are a couple things you should know.  

1)  We are sold out of inventory and won't have a new shipment until mid-January, but you could still give a gift card.  

2)  These are seriously the best sounding tongue drums you can find and the sound quality is absolutely worth the wait.  We're giving 10% off to anyone who pre-orders even with the delayed gratification.  

3) Our Drum Craftsman, Noah, makes all of these drums by hand and he needs a vacation after the Christmas rush every year. We ALWAYS delay normal business in January so that he's able to get some much deserved R&R before proceeding to turn propane tanks into magical instruments for the world to enjoy.  

4) Orders placed now could be expected to ship late January or even early February.  We know in todays fast paced ecommerce world, it's unusual to have to wait more than a few days for a product to arrive, and we deeply appreciate your patience.  


10% Off Discount Code:  Pre-Order2022


Thanks so much,

Noah, Nicholas, Matt (the Team)



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